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Megan is an excellent workout coach. I've been training martial arts since I was a kid so I've worked with some great instructors in the past. She's definitely one of the best I've ever come across for cardio training and core workouts. Always enthusiastic and keeps it fun. More than anything, her greatest skill is her form and technique. She's more attentive than just about anyone at making sure everyone in the class maintains good form and avoids injury.

- Marty R., 33

If you are looking for a personal trainer, stop looking now and contact Megan. You will not find a better person! I have been training with Megan for over 2 years. I started working out with her in California and when she moved back to Texas, I now train with her virtually. She has helped me lose over 20 pounds and completely change my body and mind. She has gone way above and beyond her duties as a trainer, she keeps in touch with me on a daily basis to see how I am doing with my work out on my own and how I am eating. She also makes a point to sit down and face time with me a couple of times a month to go over what I am doing right and what I can improve. I have never felt judged from her, only 110% supported. Call her now!

- Tammy, 46

I can't say enough about Megan except she’s Great. She does a thorough assessment, has different exercises to do with each session and is always prepared. She gives constructive criticism on all the moves to ensure I am getting the best workout. She understands my limitations and can modify exercises mid-workout to changing conditions. She’s very considerate of my age but she doesn’t hold back. She's a great motivator, fun personality, and a person with exceptional knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. I invested to maintain not only my commitment to a healthier lifestyle but my commitment to her style of personal training.

- Tim B., 57

Megan has changed my life! I used to hate working out and she'd really helped me change my attitude towards it, which is everything! It's a pleasure to do sessions with her and she gives it her all. She's personable yet all business and professional, making every session fun and challenging at the same time. I know my limits and she respects them, as well as pushing me to keep going when I'm totally exhausted. She had to send the next size dumbbells because I didn't want to get them! HA!! She's great, I'm so grateful she was willing to do virtual sessions too because as a stay at home mom, I have very little free time. I'm really noticing my strength increase, building muscle and my belly is finally going down!

- Shelly N., 42

I have I had the good fortune to train with Megan for at least 8 years or more. We developed a great rapport throughout those years & I found her guidance to be very supportive. I turned 90 in 2018 and believe that my great physical condition is due to the work Megan & I did. Even when she moved a distance away from me I chose to drive to her new area so we could continue working together. She is easy to talk to & explains along the way. I can't say enough about how much I believe in Megan & her skills. She's over the top as a personal trainer.

- Carmelita de Haven, 91

I've taken Megan's TRX/Kettlebell Dynamic Core class and it's fantastic. Megan makes sure that everyone in the class (no matter how many people attend) knows how to perform each exercise and how to do so correctly. She takes her time to explain each exercise and does so clearly. She also is extremely motivational. She makes sure everyone is working to their potential in the class. There is no slacking off in her class but she makes it fun! Her classes are challenging but rewarding. Her Wednesday evening class is so popular that there is a waitlist for the class every nearly every week.

- Colleen C., 26

Megan’s knowledge, attention to technique, and radiant personality places her above all personal trainers with whom I’ve worked with in the past. Through her warmth and motivation, she energized my spirit and kept my mind engaged in a variety of fun, workout routines that put my body to the test. For one of her challenges, I amazed myself by completing it in less than 4 minutes. I really didn’t think I could do it but Megan cheered me on. The experience is beyond what I expected and I would follow Megan wherever she goes (at least in Los Angeles). I wholeheartedly recommend Megan as a Personal Trainer for you!

- Erica, 43

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